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Becoming a Bodyguard/Executive Protection Agent (EPL Season 5 Podcast 🎙️ EP 174)
Physical Protection is No Longer Enough (EPL Season 5 Podcast 🎙 EP 173)
BTS K9 Dog Training (EPL Season 5 Podcast 🎙 EP 172)
Are You As Advertised? (EPL Season 5 Podcast 🎙️ EP 171)
How to be a Professional Bodyguard/EP Agent (EPL Season 5 Podcast 🎙️ EP 170)
EP Forum/IPSB Getting to Know the Industry 4 (EPL Season 5 Podcast 🎙️ EP 169)
EP Career Success, Proven Blueprint (EPL Season 5 Podcast 🎙️ EP168)
Are you Security or Protection? (EPL Season 5 Podcast 🎙️ EP167)
EP Forum/IPSB Getting to Know the Industry 3 (EPL Season 5 Podcast 🎙️ EP166)
International Protection Ops, Kidnap, and Ransom (EPL Season 5 Podcast 🎙️ EP165)
EP Forum/IPSB Getting to Know the Industry 2 (EPL Season 5 Podcast 🎙️ EP164)
Rebuilding Your Career in EP (EPL Season 5 Podcast 🎙️ EP163)
The Digital Side of Security (EPL Season 5 Podcast 🎙️ EP162)
Executive Protection Jedi (EPL Season 5 Podcast 🎙️ EP161)
EP Forum/IPSB Getting to Know the Industry (EPL Season 5 Podcast 🎙️ EP160)
Find Your Path (EPL Season 5 Podcast 🎙️ EP159)
Executive Protection Success Fast Track (EPL Season 5 Podcast 🎙️ EP158)
The Service of Protection (EPL Season 5 Podcast 🎙️ EP157)
Security Driving (EPL Season 4 Podcast 🎙️ EP156)
EP Forum Aftermath (EPL Season 4 Podcast 🎙️ EP155)
Extractions, Private Security, and Relationships (EPL Season 4 Podcast 🎙️ EP154)
Low Signature Resource Center (EPL Season 4 Podcast 🎙️ EP153)
Executive Protection Networking Tactics (EPL Season 4 Podcast 🎙️ EP152)
Becoming an Executive Protection Agent (EPL Season 4 Podcast 🎙️ EP151)
Executive Protection Hard Skills To Learn (EPL Season 4 Podcast 🎙️ EP150)
Working Solo (EPL Season 4 Podcast 🎙️ EP149)
Joshua Reeve/Ryan Tindall – Australian (EPL Season 4 Podcast 🎙️ EP148)
Rachel Rugato -A Woman in the field (EPL Season 4 Podcast 🎙️ EP147)
Kevin Ross – Mindset of a Champion (EPL Season 4 Podcast 🎙️ Special)
Be a Legitimate Protector (EPL Season 4 Podcast 🎙️ EP146)
Executive Protection Success (EPL Season 4 Podcast 🎙️ EP145)
Vincent Levy – Executive Protection Career Moves (EPL Season 4 Podcast 🎙️ EP144)
Byron Rodgers- Men of Peace (EPL Season 4 Podcast EP143 🎙️)
Rick Sweeney - Be a Legitimate Protector (EPL Season 4 Podcast EP142 🎙️)
Vance McMurry - A Secret To Shooting Better (EPL Season 4 Podcast EP141 🎙️)
Byron Rodgers - Executive Protection as a Recession-Proof Career(EPL Season 4 Podcast EP140 🎙️)
Jeff Takeda - How Warriors Develop Mental Strength (EPL Season 4 Podcast EP139 🎙️)
A glimpse into the League of Executive Protection Specialist(EPL Season 4 Podcast EP138 🎙️)
Victor Popovic – EXECUTIVE PROTECTION VENUE OPPOSITION (EPL Season 4 Podcast EP137 🎙️)
Alex Turner – The Athletes Bodyguard and the Making (EPL Season 4 Podcast EP136 🎙️)
Bernardo C. – The Realities of Tactical Fitness (EPL Season 4 Podcast EP136 🎙️)
Dustin Burt – How To Deal With Mistakes in E.P. (EPL Season 4 Podcast EP135 🎙️)
Executive Protection Elite Hand-to-Hand Combatives – (EPL Season 4 Podcast EP134 🎙️)
HARD SKILLS INTENSIVE – (EPL Season 4 Podcast EP133 🎙️)
Daniel Coman – ¿Am I too Old for Executive Protection? (EPL Season 4 Podcast EP132 🎙️)
Miranda Coppoolse – Human Trafficking/Behavioral Analysis/Security (EPL Season 4 Podcast EP131 🎙️)
Aaron Suozzo - Officer Involved Shooting Hard Skills/Soft Skills (EPL Season 4 Podcast EP130 🎙️)
Joe Lasorsa – The Power of Cooperation in E.P. (EPL Season 4 Podcast EP129 🎙️)
Morgan Harris – How to Get Started in Executive Protection (EPL Season 4 Podcast EP128 🎙️)
Wes Bearden – Try-Try Again (EPL Season 4 Podcast EP127 🎙️)
Duke Speed – HOW to become Contributor in Executive protection (EPL Season 4 Podcast EP126 🎙️)
Sam Jones – How To Transition Into Executive Protection (EPL Season 4 Podcast EP125 🎙️)
Beyond the Armor – Season 4 Episode 125 – BYRON RODGERS
Ep 124: How To go from Bouncer to EP Agent
Ep 123: How To Be Successful Female E.P. Agent
Ep 122: EP Forum
Ep 121: A Bodyguard in the Mix
Ep 120: EP Specialists
Ep 119: How to stay safe
Ep 118: Keep Learning
Ep 117: Contribution
EP116: Kindness Counts
EP109: Dr. Mary Beth
Ep 110: Leadership
Ep 112: Armored Transport Attack
Ep 113: No Limits
Ep 114: EPL Canada
Ep 115: Chsristian West
EP103: EP Pretenders
Ep 104: Michael Janich & Byron Rodgers
Ep 105: im Clemente
Ep 106: Byron Rodgers
Ep 107: Kevin Anderson
Ep 108: Erich Schmidt
EP 97: Sandile Khanyile
Ep 98: Yehuda Shmuel & Byron Rodgers
Ep 99: Jerry Jacobs
Ep 100: Season III
Ep 101: Max Joseph & Byron
Ep 102: Tomislav Pahljina & Byron Rodgers
EP 91: Josh Reeve
Ep 92: Ryan Atkinson & Byron Rodgers
Ep 93: Bazzel Baz & Byron Rodgers
Ep 94: Edgeworth
Ep 95: Anton K & Byron Rodgers
Ep 96: Chris Story
EP 85: My Brother's Keeper
Ep 86: Daniel Farr & Byron Rodgers
Ep 87: Philip Blanks & Byron Rodgers
Ep 88: Brady Pesola & Byron Rodgers
Ep 89: Ilya Umanskiy & Byron Rodgers
Ep 90: Entering Executive Protection
EP 79: EPL Live
Ep 80: Romance Vs Reality of the Job
Ep 81: Text Book Vs Real World
Ep 82: I will never ask you to do what I will not
Ep 83: Kidnap and Ransom
Ep 84: The Marine who Disarmed the Rioter
EP 73: Considerations
Ep 74: Training a Polishing Action
Ep 75: EP Martial Arts
Ep 76: Innocent Armor
Ep 77: Sentinel Security
Ep 78: You can't be brave if you're not afraid
EPL Season II
Ep 68: The First Line of Defence
Ep 69: Excellence is a Habit
Ep 70: Authenticity
Ep 71: You can do it too
Ep 72: Human Trafficking
Ep 61: Tactical Light Source Considerations
Ep 62: Fail Iften to Succeed Sooner
Ep 63: Crisis Communication
Ep 64: Style is Communication
Ep 65: EDC 4
Ep 66: Recap & Transitionn
Ep 55: Understanding Both Sides of Protection
Ep 56: Cold and On Demand
Ep 57: EDC 3
Ep 58: Coming up in the Game
Ep 59: The Cost of the Game
Ep 60: Better Weapon Better Position
Ep 49: You win Everything Fight You Don't Get In
Ep 50: The Business of Executive Protection
Ep 51: Standards & Accountability
Ep 52: Surveillance Detection
Ep 53: 511 Always Ready
Ep 54: Protector Symposium Vol I
Ep 43: How to Secure Your Home
Ep 44: EDC2
Ep 45: A Woman in the Field
Ep 46: Terrorist Activity Prevention
Ep 47: Terrorist Activity Prevention
Ep 48: Treat it like a Profession
Ep 37: Armor
Ep 38: Just Mike, Part I
Ep 39: Just Mike, Part II
Ep 40: A Student of the Game
Ep41: Concealed Carry Considerations
Ep 42: Gunfight at the Club
Ep 31: A warrior in the shadows
Ep 32: WorkplaceViolence & Investigative Private Security
Ep 33: Hard Work isn't for Everybody
Ep 34: If you can do these things
Ep35: Cyber Security
Ep 36: EDC1
Ep 25: Entertainment & Production Protection
Ep 26: Be the Best
Ep 27: Overcoming Violence in the line of Duty
Ep 28: Who is a modern day warrior?
Ep29: Protection Dogs by T3
Ep 30: How does Private Security Professional Market in a Digital Age?
Ep 19: Human Trafficking
Ep 20: Covert Protection
Ep 21: Private Security Business Ethics
Ep 22: Surviving an Active Shooter
Ep23: N Ear EPL
Ep 24: Rune Nation
Ep 13: Considerations
Ep 14: Stop Pretending
Ep15: Church Security
Ep16: Considerations Vol II
Ep17: Considerations Vol III
Ep18: Human Trafficking
Ep 7: Warpath
Ep 8: Grayman & Company
Ep9: EPL Live Q&A
Ep10: Training & Inspiration
Ep11: Sentinel Security
Ep12: Massive
Ep 1: The Groundwork
Ep 2: Solo Operations
Ep3: Getting into
the Protection Game
Ep4: Predicting People & Pre-Threat Indicators
Ep5: Laws of Power
Ep6: Own Your Space

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Low Signature Resource Center (EPL Season 4 Podcast 🎙️ EP153)
Low Signature Resource Center (EPL Season 4 Podcast 🎙️ EP153)