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Executive Protection Lifestyle is a Community Platform for Security Professionals.

Facilitating Learning, Networking, and Opportunity Sharing.

The Executive Protection Lifestyle serves as a specialized platform exclusively tailored for private protection professionals. It fosters an environment where individuals can convene to engage in meaningful communication, share valuable insights, network effectively, and collectively contribute to the advancement of their careers.

Furthermore, this distinguished platform is renowned for hosting one of the most widely recognized and influential podcasts within the executive protection industry. It provides a wealth of professionally enriching content, timely gear, training opportunities, and other pertinent articles.

By the way, we offer one of the most esteemed training programs for individuals seeking to embark on a career in executive protection or for veterans aiming to refine and enhance their skill set. By training with us, you become a member of The League of Executive Protection Specialists, an exclusive, members-only professional network. Learn more at 💻

You’re welcome to share images and videos that celebrate the EP lifestyle. However, this platform is not intended for the promotion of commercial ventures. Rather, it serves as a space for networking, exchanging field craft, staying informed on current affairs, and building connections among our community members.

With that said, if you have a relevant event or service you’re offering, please share it in moderation. Spread the word, share, and invite other security professionals to join the platform, enjoy, and WELCOME!


Founder of Protector Nation, Bravo Research Group & Executive Protection Lifestyle.

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