📅 Aug 24/25 - San Diego, CA

Executive Protection Expo

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This event takes networking, training, and career development to the next level. This event is for the agents of the industry and its team leaders, we will focus on the guys on the ground, who are doing the work, day in and day out.

We will put you in front of the people who do the hiring in the industry. We will give you an opportunity to acquire certifications that are valuable to your career. We will compete against one another and train with one another. We will have fully interactive conversations with subject matter experts who are industry leaders and have achievements that we can all glean from.

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This experience has been carefully crafted to put you in a position not to wonder about these things when you leave this event. It’s going to be a powerful weekend, where you are going to enjoy a myriad of experiences, settings, and formats designed to bring you closer to every industry individual in attendance.

Our goal is to make it so that everyone at the event feels like one big family at the conclusion of the weekend. By leveraging the different activities and environments we have comprised to serve you; building relationships and positioning you to walk away with an experience that will amplify you professionally and add value to you based on the training you will receive. We will position you to make more money and acquire more high-value relationships with others in our industry. We aim to make this the only event you need to attend annually to take your career to the next level every year!

Byron Rodgers, the founder of this event has been creating life-changing events for the protection industry for half of a decade now and is extremely proud to finally roll something out specifically for professional protectors!

Event Options & Structure

📅 Day One: Hard Skills

Choose from the options below that suit your preferences and professional needs. During this day, you will have the option to take one of these courses or compete in the world-renowned Protector Games event. If you feel like you are ready to go, then come see where you stack up with other industry professionals in the competition, or you just like having fun and want to run through the course of fire and do the exercises, welcome as well. If you need to brush up on some hard skills, then take a course and train with other industry professionals, to get the certifications you need to gain access to higher quality opportunities.

📅 Day Two: Soft Skills

Spend time in conversation with leading executive protection subject matter experts. We will traverse many topics that EP agents, managers, and team leaders face daily on the job. These periods of instruction will be crowd-led conversations designed to help everyone in the room leverage the experience and expertise of our guest speakers and each other. 

We will use event software that will allow us to vote on which questions to answer in real-time and will help guide our conversation in the most effective manner possible. This will maximize our time and the value of what we talk about for the day. Think of a live, fully interactive Q&A/podcast right in front of you with two executive protection SMEs on the stage, ready to answer your questions to the best of their ability and talk about the experiences that help them achieve success in the industry. 

Super Networking Event

At the culmination of the weekend together, we will have a super networking event, driven by a mobile application that will ensure that you have contact information for everyone in attendance. We will be in an amazing setting to have a few drinks, share many laughs, and enjoy the environment. We are usually working while protecting our clients. 

The primary difference is that you guys will be the clients at this event, and the relaxation/fellowship and memories you will make will last many years along with the relationships you will acquire that will help you take your career to the next level. All we need to do is come together in training and learning in the spirit of service to one another. This part of the Executive Protection Expo is designed to make that happen, organically and unforgettably.  

Subject Matter Experts

The following subject matter experts (SME) have all been featured on the Executive Protection Lifestyle Podcast, so you can learn more about them there. As aforementioned, the auditorium sessions on day 2 of the event will be crowd-led dialogues and absolutely no boring monologues with slides. 🙏

Charles Law

Charles Law is the founder of Law Security & Investigations, Inc., which is registered in multiple states and is one of the industry's premier boutique, private security consultants. Charles Law possesses a background in law enforcement and is also a collegiate athlete. His organization excels in the creation of superior security professionals, and his leadership has been widely recognized throughout the Southern California market, for many years. The opportunity to learn directly from him during this conference will be an honor, a privilege, and a worthwhile investment of time.

Elijah Shaw

Elijah Shaw is renowned as an esteemed subject matter expert specializing in the complex realm of A-list celebrity protection. As the founder and CEO of ICON, one of the industry's preeminent EP training organizations. He has graced prestigious platforms, including HBO, The Today Show, E! News, and many other publications, establishing him as an iconic figure in our field. He is an accomplished author, having authored multiple books, and his exceptional talents as a communicator are showcased through his engaging EP podcast, media app, and industry-focused magazine. The profound impact of Mr. Shaw's contributions on our industry is undeniable.

Todd Fox

Todd Fox is the founder and owner of the Close Protection Group and a former U.S. Marine and law enforcement officer. He was responsible for the creation, development, and training of a regional law enforcement Special Response Team. His team participated in the protection of humans and assets during several pivotal national events. He is a graduate of multiple advanced programs at the Counterterrorism Division of FLETC. While in the Marine Corps, he fought in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and retired with a professional record of ten wins and two losses. Mr. Fox is a black belt American National Champion, U.S. Open Champion, and Pan-American Medalist in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He has authored three books on protective service operations, two books on force instruction, and numerous articles as a protective security subject matter expert.

Elliott Loewenstein

Elliott has been dominating the professional sports side of private security for years now. You’ve all seen him on TV at various high-end sporting events by now. He and his crew have worked all over the world with all of the best in the professional fighting sports industries, and now, for the first time, you will get to hear from him directly at this event. If this is the type of private security, you’re interested in then his time of instruction and Q&A is going to be for you. Elliott has a background in the military and brings that level of discipline and professionalism to the art of building security details all over the world while on the road with many of the top, sporting and athletic organizations, we all enjoy.

Anton Kalaydjian

Anton, renowned for his leadership and acumen, has established Guardian, one of the most successful executive protection operations in the US. Through his dedication, he has dominated the Florida market for many years and is currently expanding his operations to Southern California. Guardian's performance has garnered recognition in several publications for its success. His commitment to excellence was recently showcased in a documentary that chronicled his heroic act of taking a bullet for an A-list client. His knowledge and experience in the realms of business, leadership, and protection strategies make him highly sought-after. Particularly, his segment on stage security provides valuable insights that can enhance the security measures of any agent or company.

Will Geddes

William Geddes, a real-world embodiment of James Bond, possesses not only the requisite experience but also the distinctive British accent. His involvement in various aspects of private security and diverse operations has rendered him an invaluable source of knowledge, encompassing domains from extortion cases to hostage negotiations and Close Protection services worldwide. Will's accomplishments are extensive and ongoing, providing security services at the highest levels for numerous VIPs. His prominence is attested by the fact that he has been featured in many major news outlets overseas. It is with great privilege that we welcome him to this event, as his global knowledge and experience in the private security industry are invaluable.

Rick Sweeney

31 years risk management experience in elevated threat areas. Provides risk & crisis management in multiple countries as prime or subcontractor. Currently serving clients in Syria, Mexico, Lebanon, Iraq, Haiti, Colombia, Venezuela, and numerous other challenging locations. Emergency Evacuation coordinator in Haiti, Lebanon, Iraq, and Syria. Experienced curriculum developer and program management professional. Have developed curriculum, SOPs and managed US government Maritime Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection training contracts. Provides journalists, film production and NGOs planning, risk management, and logistics support in high threat regions.

Byron Rodgers

Yes, I'm the one hosting this event I am a service-centered Executive Protection Agent, Video Blogger, Published Author, and Veteran. Founder of many successful operations: Bravo Research Group, a private security company. Protector Nation, a training company for first responders, private security professionals, and civilians. The League of Executive Protection Specialists an EP school and training organization. The Executive Protection Lifestyle brand for EP professionals. I am also a security consultant for many high-net-worth individuals, their families, and various corporate initiatives.

Event Details

Constellis Training Facility

📅 Date: Aug 24/25
🕐 Time: Starts at 8 AM on both days 
🗺 Location: 7685 Siempre Viva Rd. San Diego, CA 92154 

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For EP Agents

For Sponsors

If you would like to increase your brand’s exposure in the private security industry, then submit your name and email to learn more about sponsorship opportunities.

For Vendors

For vendors and recruiters please submit your information and acquire a ticket for the full 2 day event.

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